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No period for close to a year

Nadine wrote:

I am somewhat confused and concered about the fact that I have not had a period in close to a year. I am in my mid-20's and starting having regular periods at 17, a couple years after my first period.

I'm getting married in the spring and am concerned about the issue of children. If I can't even have a period, how am I supposed to even think about children of my own? What can cause sudden stops in a woman's menstural cycle? I am an otherwise healthy, active woman.

Dear Nadine

Whoa! Hold on there! You are a little quick in talking about not having children ... there's all sorts of reasons why your periods might have been interrupted, most of them not a major threat to you or your fertility.

The bad news, of course, is that you must find out for sure!

Sit down with a piece of paper, and note anything that's changed over the last year or so ...

Psychological things, like pressure at work, concern about the forthcoming marriage ... anything ... and be honest.

Diet and weight can be an issue; again, be very honest about changes in habit or changes forced by events (has your job changed?)

Consider other bodily things; bowel activity, thrush, urinary infections, skin conditions .... sorry, but you need to go through anything that's changed.

And what about your sex life? Any changes there? Any worries? Do you use protectives? have you had (or suspected) any infections?

When you've completed this process, book an appointment to see your doctor, and while you are waiting, go over the list again (it's not exhaustive). And speak to your man!

Please Note: I am NOT a physician, and any 'health advice' should NOT be taken to be "Medical Advice" - because it is not - my aim is to give you a few possibilities to be thinking about, and some general 'common sense' advice - if my advice says see a doctor, then see a doctor!

"Honest Advice"

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