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Husband's in prison ...

Tina wrote:

My husband of six years has was sent to prison for six months. We had a really crap relationship before but now I have realised I don't want him back.

To top it all off I have met the most amazing man but he is wary because I am married.

It is awful!! I cannot finish with my husband while he is in prison and I cannot start a new relationship until I am free. My husband knows there is something wrong but how can I lie and say everything is ok.I cannot bear to even speak to him anymore ....

Dear Tina

Six months is really not a long time, if this new man is so special. And whatever you have 'decided' you think of your husband, does he really deserve to be lied to like this?

But the big question is "did you decide to change men before you met the new man ... or after"

I think you need to be thinking about people other than yourself ... your boyfriend has clearly thought about the day your husband gets out. Perhaps you should.

I'm sorry if I sound unsympathetic - had you realised there was a problem before your husband was conveniently 'away', I might be saying rather different things.

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