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Still in bed with my Ex

Fay wrote:

Me and my ex have been broken up for seven months and we still hang out and we're still close! We broke up because he was going to college and I was goign to live in another state, and he said he didnt want to take care of me all his life without me helping myself but we started talking on the phone and we ended up seeing eachother and doing things.

He has a girl for six months but he's been with me for three months now I don't know what to do! He told me he has to get his self together before things can change should I believe him?

Should I let go of him? please help I'm so confused!.

Dear Fay

I'm not quite clear what your problem is ... he's lying to his girlfriend, seeing you on the side, making you half promises that only an idiot would believe ... You really need a guy like that!

So what's the problem?

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