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When I masturbate it hurts

VJD wrote:

I am a regular masturbator and have been masturbating for about six years. Only now I have started thinking very badly about it. when I do it now my penis begins to hurt and sometimes I leave marks on it which is particularly disturbing.

It is very hard for me to give up masturbating as it is extremely tempting. I want your advice on how I can give up this habit.

Thank you so much for your help.

Dear VJD

At it's very best, masturbation is a substitute for sex; perfect for adolescents to cope with a sexual desire every six seconds, and no partner ... Useful for those who are cut off from their other half, or between partners. And while some folk frown, widespread research suggests that if anyone's abnormal ... it's the one who never masturbated (or claims never to have masturbated).

The problems that can arise are few; and you've got them both.

You have only one penis, and self harm can have long term effects; you could end up with scarring that damages your 'normal' sexual activities. Scary, rare, but not to be dismissed.

The other issue refers back to my first sentence ... masturbation should not be a substitute for real life; go meet people, do something, talk to people. At the very least, go for a long run.

Masturbation is not the problem, your life is. Make a start on sorting that, and masturbation will cease to worry you. And that's a promise

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