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All I want to do is run away

Wendy wrote:

I am 46yrs old. I have had a bad life ... I am unable to communicate with people, and don't like myself.

I have got involved with another man. but he suffers with depressions, so that hurts as I'm suffering with him. All I want to do is run away all the time.

We socialise with friends and find myself remaining quiet, I have tried to communicate, but it seems that I can't think what to talk about.

The people I mix with are very intelligent. making me feel thick. I cannot remember anything about history or anything that important.

How can I get over this. I have tried to read books and learn things but they don't seem to remain with me. Mental blockage!!!!!

Please can you advise me how i can get out of this situation ....

Dear Wendy

You've had a hard time, and I do not suggest for one moment that most of these things have been your fault - or even a little bit your fault.

But it is a tough old world, and you will have to do your share.

That simply means, stop making it difficult for yourself. Why not find one friend - maybe a whole bunch - that you have something in common with. If these people make you feel thick - go mix with folk who don't.

One small step toward taking control of your life (and DON'T tell me you don't know where to find nice people!)

"Honest Advice"

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