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I was totally free-spirited

Dave wrote:

I'm frustrated because 12 years ago I was totally free-spirited. Since that time I married a woman who appeared to be completely responsible.

The weird thing is that we have somehow switched roles. Now, I'm the one uptight about the house, money, time management, etc. while she doesn't seem to care at all. I'm seriously stressed all the time and she seems completely out of touch.

We have no children (and never will), so it is just the two of us.
I'm tired of being Mr. Goody-2-Shoes! Where did my fun side go? What happened to my whimsical life? How can I get it back?

Are three questions too many?

Whoops, there I go again ... Mr. Responsibility. ...

Dear Dave

It's called growing up!

While your wife has learned that there's more to life than worrying, you have learned there's more to life than fun .

I suspect you married fairly young, as men do generally mature much later than women.

It is conceivable that it's simpler than that, and you both just need to find the time to listen to each other .. it is also conceivable (though I suspect unlikely) that there's a deeper malaise, and you both really need counselling before it's too late.

Think about it!

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