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Why Won't He Propose?

Tara wrote:

I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years, Why won't he ask me to marry him? He says he wants to but everytime the subject comes up he runs the other way.

I know there are some cultural diferences between us, you see my boyfriend is from Tunisia. Although he is not a practicing Muslim, his father is and well there are issues I guess I just can't understand.

But why won;t anyone teach me I am more than willing to respect his culture as long as it is not expected of me to change my own.

Please advise how do I get him to marry me?

Dear Tara

The issue is why do you want to marry him? And why don't you understand the issues? After five years, I'd have thought you'd have made an effort to learn about the potential problems.

If having children is a hope for the future, then you cannot brush culture under the carpet. His father (And probably him too) will want and expect any children to be brought up as Muslims. And I'd guess that your family (And probably you too) will want and expect the children to be brought up within your religion.

Unless you two can come to an understanding - an open and genuine agreement - about this, then he's right to avoid commitment.

Marriage is not something to be taken lightly, and you need to to think ahead. To the form of marriage, and beyond.

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