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We decided just to be friends ...

Wanda wrote:

I have been friends with this guy for three years now and he use to ask me out almost everyday. now we hang out and nothing is asked untill we get home then after a moment we lean in and kiss.

We decided we just want to be friends but things keep progressing. one time we kissed in front of his girlfriend at the time.

What should I do? I want things to increase.

There is one more problem he has had sex with ten different females in the past but I have had sex with over two hundred males in the past, I also have had sex with over twenty female.

He knows all this and only cares becares I won't have sex with him. how can I make him understand?

Dear Wanda

"We decided we just want to be friends" - Who's we?

Seems to me that you want him and he wants you. All that's keeping you apart is some mind game. Or is there something you've not told me?

"Honest Advice"

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