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Invasion of Privacy and Security

Connie wrote:

The other day my Employer accidently deposited money into my bank account. Not only my account but every employee on the job. $400./$6000.

By the time the news was circulating about this fantastic cash overflow the Employer has gone back into our accounts and removed the funds.

Not that i'm upset because the funds were removed but because I dont think an employer has the right to go into your personal bank account.

Does an Employer have the right to go into your bank account? What's the Banks responsibility in this type of situation.?

Dear Connie

Sadly, it depends on the bank's contract with you - and on your country's laws.

In most places, a genuine error, spotted quickly, would usually have this outcome. It can get complicated if it is not spotted immediately, and the money has been spent!

You can bet your own money that most laws - and all contracts - will favour the banks over the individual - 'twas ever thus!!

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