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Trying to trap my wife

Scumbag wrote:

I need some advise! I found out that my wife has been lying to me for 20 years.

Recently, she decided to go to college at age 33. After about 3 weeks there she received an email at her schools email system that read - seen you in class are you married - would like to have sum fun with you or we can just talk on the computer. Her reply - Married - Curious! who you are? Would like to talk in person - I'm not a great computer person. If you want to get to know me better do like the song goes and "just ask." I've been told that I'm an easy person to talk to. I promise I won't bite!

Now, Sent her the email under an assumed email address and I went to her college to see her (took her some lunch) and asked if anything unusual going on today. She said no. When she got home I confronted her about her email at school and she said that we could not access her school mail box from (you can) she said to meet her after school the next day and she would open her email account.

I was able to get it to open at home that night and see her reply, she at first acted like she didn't know anything about it, then I told her it was me that sent the email to her. She still didn't believe me. She said she was going to tell me about it when she met with this person and told him that she was married.

This has caused me to find out a lot about her and all the lying she has done over 20 years of marriage. She then received another email a couple of weeks later from a gentleman that lives behind us (he goes to the same school and is my sons basketball coach) saying "How are ! you today?" , she had left campus the day before and had made the statement that night that she knows that she wasn't followed today - said she went to a store off campus to buy a drink and cracker - she brought a receipt home, I feel this doesn't mean that was the only place she went, he has a place just down the street from campus.

I then came home oneday and he was in my back yard, when I pulled in the driveway, I asked my wife what was he doing back there and she said she didn't know he was out there and come to find out she lied and she did know, she said she opened the door and he and his friend was talking to our son and wanted to use the phone, but she wasn't talking with him - my son says differently now to. What do you think and what should I do?....

Dear Scumbag

Let her go.

Anyone nasty enough to try and trap their partner doesn't trust - and doesn't deserve to be trusted.

I don't blame her for trying to find a real friend.

Do both of you a favour and leave the area.

"Honest Advice"

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