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Does she care?

H wrote:

I am in love (I know you are going to say lust) with one of my best friends, we say that we are just friends, but I don't know.

Last year we were at a dance at school and we where talking and then out of the blue she moved over to me and kissed me full on the lips, it was like kissing a goddess. After two hours of being dumb-founded, I asked her if there was a change in our being friends, and she just changed the subject, that was back in September, and she is still kissing me like that off and on and still changes the subject when ever I ask her. I love her with all
my heart, and I wish I know how she feels for me ....

I'ev read some of your work and would like to know what you
have to say ... Thank You

Dear H


Well, I reckon all three of us are confused.

Part of me says "go with the flow, don't rock the boat". Maybe even test the relationship by gently moving it on a step.

Part of me says hold a hand up and say "Stop We Must Discuss This" Sod that!

Are all these kisses in public? Maybe she cares a lot, but doesn't trust you (or herself?) in private. Is there any reason why she shouldn't trust you?

Also consider how she treats others ... what's the difference?

Don't get too hung up on exactly "where you stand"; concentrate on getting to know her, finding common interests, and demonstrating (without going over the top) that you care, and you are there for her.

As the friendship grows, she'll sooner or later find the confidence to discuss it; for now, live - but don't jump to conclusions!

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