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Will this upset my friends?

Unice wrote:

I have a problem and I need an answer.

Ok there is a guy that I have know for almost a year now and it is my exboyfriend's best friend and we just started talking again about 3 months ago and I figured we were just friend then he
bought me a $75 braclet for Christmas and he calls me everyday and always wants to go and do something.

He also keeps talking about hooking up but I dont feel it would be right because it is my ex bfs best friend and also my best friend's ex boyfriend. I really like him and I wanna be with him but I just don't wanna hurt anyone.

Please give me an answer on what to do? Thanks

Dear Unice

What is it about "ex" that you do not understand?

I really cannot understand living your life through what you think others just might want. Or not want. or whatever. Who knows?

By all means tell this trail of exs that seems to follow this guy around; it's good for youtr friends to hear it from you first.

Ex means Ex - either you like him, or you secretly hope to upset your friends ... either way, do get on with it!

"Honest Advice"

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