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I want closure!

Will wrote:

You know how women are good at platonic relationships?

Well I must be their prime target. Throughout high school I was always involved in sports and activities, and never had time for girls. When I started college, I got to know some really great girls, ones that I became very close with, therefore, ending all possibilities of romantic relationships.

This happened (happens) to every girl that I meet. I am too shy to let them know how I feel about them, and when I finally feel close enough to tell them, the very fact of telling them would most likely ruin the friendship. It is a bit of a confidence problem. I don't even have the courage to say 'hi', or smile at a cute stranger, nevermind start a conversation with them. I need help.

There is a second part to this problem. I fell in love, not in lust, with my best friend. I met her in my first month of college, and we became really really close friends. She is the only girl I've had strong feelings for, ever. I actually gained enough courage to finally tell her, (in an email, of course) but she said she didn't feel the same. I didn't say "I love you, please marry me" but I merely confessed how I felt about her, asking her how she felt.

I still haven't talked to her about this in person, but it is completely my fault about not bringing it up. I am having problems moving on, because
1. Its hard for me to develop relationships into romantic ones and
2. I truly believe she is the one for me.

What should I do? Finally talk to her in person and gain some closure, or leave the matter alone until she feels comfortable about discussing it?

Thanks for any help.

Dear Will

It's a joy to meet someone as self obsessed as you are.

How dare you declare your love by email, then claim that you are "having touble moving on". You have closure, Will;

she said she didn't feel the same

she said she didn't feel the same

she said she didn't feel the same

she said she didn't feel the same

Now, whether she's grateful to have had the opportunity to have rejected you electronically is neither here nor there - tho' I'd guess she was quite insulted.

Fact is, you gave it your best shot (Your choice), and she turned you down. Live with, move on.

If you think you can salvage a friendship out of the rubble, start by apologising, not harassing her or stalking her.

She's off limits. Get that into your head. Learn from it.

"Honest Advice"

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