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Sex: Yes or No?

Merilee wrote:

I've been with my boyfriend now for nearly a year, and two months ago we lost our virginity to one another.

We had sex twice, then mutually agreed that it wasn't something that either of us were ready to deal with.

Now we've had some time to contemplate the situation and he thinks he's ready for such a commitment, as do I at times when I'm with him.

On the contrary when I'm with other people, like friends and family, I feel a slight tinge of regret and guilt about what we engaged in a couple of months ago.

Physically considering protection and birth control, I've responsibly got my bases covered. I guess what my inquiry really is what will befall my relationship if sex becomes a typical thing?

Things have really not been that different between us since the first time. Our relationship doesn't seem hurt, then again time healed what resulted two months ago, but still don't want this to aggravate old wounds.

I that we are very serious about how we feel, so I think what's the big deal? Am I some love-sick young girl in denial, or do I take on this relationship with maturity?

What do I do and what do you think?

Dear Merilee

I don't think you are telling me half the story, that's what I think.

You say you 'mutually agreed' not to continue with sex (Oh yeah?) without mentioning any disagreement, then go on about old wounds and time healing.

You talk about maturity and responsibility, but don't say if you enjoyed it or not. Or what "he" thinks (does he think?)

If you don't share the problem, how can anyone help you?

"Honest Advice"

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