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Cutting my boy in half

Beth wrote:

This is something I can't get strightened out for nothing nor can my husband and I agree on this subject. So please help me if you can any advice will be welcomed more than you will ever know.

Last week my husband brought home a form concerning who will be the legal caretakers of our son. He's in the military so this form has to be filled out... We sit down to discuss this issue which we have never done but should have.

He suggested his brother ... I suggested my parents ...

[details on family members edited out]

So Anon do you have any suggustions that may help me out? Because this is topic that no one likes to think about much less talk about. And I only have a few more weeks before we sit down to discuss this again , without a legal person being involved.

I only want whats best for our son and for him to have a good future in the event something was to happen to my husband and I. Just to know that he would be okay and have someone who could give him all the love and attention he gets now.

And to have someone let him know how much his parents loved him , talk to him etc...

Dear Beth

Your child really is too, too important to be used as a weapon in tribal squabbles between families.

You say you are thinking only of what's best for the child. Are you sure?

And are you so sure that your husband cares nothing for the child?

As it happens, the risk of both you and your husband dying together, short of nuclear war, are so unlikely you might as well toss a coin, as it really doesn't matter.

What does matter is that the boy is coming second.

"Honest Advice"

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