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Anne wrote:

Hi, i'm writing you because I'm having a little trouble with
something. There's this boy at my school that I like and who likes me. But the thing is I'm not allowed for boys to call my house.

We actually started talking to each other last week. Since I can't have phone calls he told me to call him. Since I'm so shy which he knows I know that if I call him I wouldn't know what to say.

He gave me his number and I called but we really didn't have much to talk about because we didn't know what to talk about.

We were silent for a while until I came up with a question. Since I haven't done this before I was hoping you could give me something to talk about on the phone to him.

Dear Anne

Shyness can seem like the end of the world, but all it really means is that you have to take things a little more slowly than some folk.

Just talk about things that you know you have in common - things that happened at school, latest movies, books .. remember you don't have to agree on everything!

I'd avoid talking about your relationship too much; concentrate on getting an easy friendship first.

A friend of mine used to cheat ... she'd write three words on a piece of paper, two things they had in common, or had discussed before .. and one new one.

Don't forget he probably feels much as you do, so don't feel you must do it all yourself!

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