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In Love With My Ex

Kylie wrote:

Hey thanks so much for reading this, but I need help in my love life. Right now it is so screwed up

My exboyfriend and I just broke up like 2 months ago (we went out for a year and 4 months), and the problem is well
I am still really in love with him.

The first week after we broke up we still talked, hung out and did stuff together. It was like we were still going out. One night he went to his friends house and they told me that he went on a double date and my ex found someone else. I was sort of mad but than I got over it.

A couple weeks later I realised that I still was in love with my ex. Now I really like him a lot and I told him but he doesn't feel the same way (even though he acted like he does).

He always flirts with me like poking me and pretend hitting me and always watches me. Now I am a little confused I don't know if he likes me and I really like him and want to get back with him, but what should i do??!!??

Thanks for reading and please respond to my email address.

Thanks again.

Dear Kylie

Two things here; you do not say why you broke up, and while you've told him what you think, you don't seem to have asked him what he wants, and on what terms.

You also don't say why you want him, except that you are upset that he can still tie his bootlaces without you.

Tell him you don't mind him double dating and using you as a doormat, tell him you'll be his slave forever, and Id guess he'll give it a try.

But if you can't be bothered to take an honest look at the relationship and what went wrong - why should he bother?

"Honest Advice"

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