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Dating a divorced man

Charlene wrote:

I was brought up in a strict religion with strong views on divorce. I am a single (never been married) mother of a 6 year old.

However, five months ago I meet and have dated a very wonderful man. I found out he was divorced, which isn't that big of an issue with me, but my family is very much against it.

I don't know what to do. I need prayer and advice to
sort out all the murky details of right or wrong.

Dear Charlene,

Not an easy question.

One disadvantage of growing up in a strongly religious culture, is that many attitudes can be taken for granted; attitudes that every individual needs to think through for themselves.

If you make a decision after careful, serious thought, I'd like to think your family will stand by you, rather than - effectively - divorce you!

I cannot tell you right or wrong, but I'd suggest considering three things, among all the others:

What do you think about marriage and divorce?
What does he think about marriage and divorce
Is he a good man, that you trust and respect?

"Honest Advice"

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