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I hate the people next door!

Vera wrote:

My finance and I brought our first home together.The people next door have lived in their house for 18 years and they make no bones about it; they think that they own this neighborhood.

They want to know where we are going when we leave in the car or where we been when we come back. If someone comes over they want to know who they are.

I stop having anything to do with them several months ago when they borrowed our car-for him to use to go back and forth to work and she works only three hours a day.

They could have worked it out between them. they kept our car for a week and I had to didn't want to give it back. My boyfriend and I had a fight because of this. I let them know I was upset about it.; to leave me alone.

But, they have kept up trying to stay in my business, they stand on our property line, circle in front of our house on their bikes.

Want to know all our business, Play loud music and talking loud (etc.)(our houses are real close together).

We just had our second fight a couple of days ago over something they pulled on us.

I'm afraid if this keeps they are going to ruin or relationship!

He thinks that they are his good friends and goes over there just about every night and partys with them for an hour or two.

My question is ; How should I handle this? I don't want him over there but, I feel like he's a 42 year old grown man!

I let him know loud and clear that I do not like him having anything to do with them!

Do you think I should tell him to stay away from them or just let it go? Or is there any other advive you can give me as to how to handle this.I feel like they are 3 against 1 (me).

I DON'T want this to break my fiance and I up. PLEASE, PLEASE, any advice you can give me; Iwould really be thankful for! Thank You,

Dear Vera

Two things you are going to have to face, I'm afraid.

1. Not everyone like everyone else
2. Nothing you've said explains your hatred.

It doesn't sound like 3 against 1; it sounds like 1 against 3.

Close neighbours can be a nuisance, and often are. But sometimes, there's other things going on, and the neightbours are convenient people to blame.

If they were that bad, why is your man so blind to their crimes? Even if you don't like them, what right do you have to dictate your man's friends?

Nothing you have told me explains your animosity, and I think you need to look again at your question. Do you trust your man? Are you jealous of the neighbours?

What's YOUR problem? Once you've dealt with that, reassess your neighbours. Or move?

"Honest Advice"

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