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30 - 40 days between periods

Lily wrote:

I had my period and I am skipping like about 30 to 40 or more days in between my periods. so can you please tell
me why it does that? thanks bye

Dear Lily

It is not at all unusual for periods to be quite widely spaced when you first start having them, and they can vary in duration and heaviness; eventually, they usually settle down to a pattern not far off the 'normal' - but not always. Irregular periods can be regulated with very low-dose hormones.

However, there are other issues you need to consider, and if in doubt, you must get yourself to a doctor.

If you feel ill in other ways, or your periods were regular and now are not, you should get yourself checked.

If you have any suspicion of infection or pregnancy, then please get checked.

Serious or unexpected emotional pressure can affect menstruation, too.

You don't say your age, and I've assumed you are young; but at the other end of the spectrum, periods can get irregulr before the menopause.

In almost every case, irregular periods mean no more than that - but in some cases, it can be an early warning, and getting it checked can be very important.

If you are at all concerned, you must discuss this with a professional, and probabl get an examination.

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