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Husband and Porn

Tammy wrote:

My husband spends alot of time looking at porn...hours and hours.

I recently found a notebook full of the stuff he printed out in his dresser. I find it to be alarming concidering it is all women tied up and other things.

Should he seek help for this or not?

Dear Tammy

It may come as a surprise to you, but most men spend a fair bit of time and money on pornography - indeed, I've often felt in a distinct minority for never having seen the attraction of it. Increasingly, women are beginning to resent aspects of pornography, but even ardent feminists can understand the male processes.

So it ain't necessarily a problem.Consider the porn in your husband's dresser, as well as the pron on TV and the movies, and every newsstand, then put it a little to one side .. if the porn is not the isue; what is? Is the porn telling you something about your marriage?

Only asking!

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