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Can my parents find out?

Beatrice wrote:

I have sex with my boyfriend almost every night because he wants to, and we use protection like condoms and birth control.

But I am always worried about my parents finding out. If I go to the doctor for a check up - can he tell if I've had sex or not?

Dear Beatrice

What a fascinating note.

You have sex 'because he wants to' - so is he raping you, or do you want to as well? Or are you just preparing the blame if something goes wrong.

I'd get all that straight, if I were you.

I'm glad you use protection, but do be sure you are doing it properly, especially if you are not sure how much you care for your boyfriend.

If the doctor does a personal examination, it may be clear that you are no longer a virgin. But not necessarily. And it's not exactly a routine examination.

Even if the doctor can tell, that doesn't mean that your parents will find out, though that might depend on your age, and where you live, and how trustworthy the doctor is.

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