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Paternity Problem

Unity wrote:

My daughter is eighteen and we had thought we knew who her father was, that was until we got a dna test done last year, now we know that he is not her father.

There was one other guy who could be, so I found him and emailed him.

I told him what had happened and if there was a possibilty that it could be him. Now I haven't heard back from him.

What should I do now?

My daughter doesn't want anything from him but to know who he is.

Dear Unity

Put yourself in his shoes; he's had no contact with your daughter in his life, and suddenly he's getting this huge responsibility thrust at him. Not to mention he probably thinks it's a scam for money!

I'm sure you are acting in good faith, and your daughter is entitled to want to know.

But he's only human - even a saint would be a little worried!

I reckon your best bet is to get a lawyer to write to him, with your assurance that you are not making any claim against him; otherwise I doubt your daughter will get the reassurance she needs.

"Honest Advice"

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