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Family stability vs. happiness

Winnie wrote:

How do you know what the worse of the two evils is? My husband is
a selfish liar and a cheat and basically treats my son and I as servants
80% of the time.

We fight continuously about his attitude, and he always admits his errors and apologizes but then continues to act the same way.

We have attended couselling for his controlling behavior and our family doctor has put him on anti-deppressants.

My problem is that my 6 year old boy doesn't want his Dad to move away and I dont want to break his heart or damage him by splitting up the family.

How does one know what is the right thing to do??

I have very little to no support.

Dear Winnie

It's difficult to help, as you've not really detailed his behaviour.

First, you need to ask yourself what is really going on. Has he always been like this, and you were too blinded by love to see it?

Has his personality changed; if so, why might that be? Is there anything that can be done?

Is he depressed? If so, how is he responding to the tablets?

Neither of the options facing you are easy, so you really need to look carefully at these details.

Your boy might well be upset if his Dad leaves; but you must compare that with how he might feel after 12 more years of oparents who do not respect each other, love each other - or even like each other.

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