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Health warning on us both ...

Toni wrote:

I had been dating this man for five months and we do have attraction and
we like each other very much, but recently he start having some problems ... I mean sexually, for he started discharging.

He went to the doctor and I did too and found out that it's not a STD of any sort. His doctor started him in antibiotic and he is still taking it.

Well since then he had turn cold on me and blame me for making him sick.

I trust this man, and I myself have been in a relationship before him for 16 years that did not work out, and I have not dated any one in my life but him.

In short I am pretty sure I have been honest to him. I told him that and now I don't know what else to do, for he still think I gave him infection.

I love him very much and I cried a lot over this, I don't want to lose him, so please help me what should I do............

Dear Toni

First, the facts. You're telling me that he has an infection which has causes a discharge, and you are telling me that his doctor has told you that it is not a sexually transmitted disease, therefore he did not get it from you.

You are further telling me that you have no such problem, neither have you been seeing anyone else - so he did not get it from you.

So, assuming that what you've told me is right, it is only him who has a problem.

So what kind of problem?

Well, no-one likes infections that affect their sex life, and that could be enough to be embarassing him .. is there any way you can make things easier?

More seriously, although it's not an STD, he's had you both going to doctors, and with a negative result - but he's doubted you, and maybe he thinks you doubt him. And maybe you do?

Either way, it needs talking about, and probably needs some time to settle down. Like the end of the antibiotics, at least!

"Honest Advice"

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