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Can I have a second chance?

Fiona wrote:

About a year ago, I went out with this guy for about two months, but then we broke up after I decided I had lost interest in him and we weren't seeing much of each other.

Throughout the year we have become really good friends, and I've decided I still really like him and we get along really well. We hang out together a lot.

Lately he has been flirting with me a lot and a lot of times it seems that he likes me too, but I don't want to ask him in fear of messing up our relationship now.

So what I need to know is am I reading all the signals right? Or am I just blinded by hope?

Dear Fiona,

I think you're right to be cautious, friendships are valuable.

Before you consider how to deal with him, don't you think you should sort out your head?

You "lost interest in him"? Don't you think you need a clearer understanding of what went wrong, else you are likely to simply repeat whatever occurred.

Having thought about that, you'll be better placed to understand why he is slow to trust you and risk further rejection.

Probably best to sit down and talk about it, don't you think?

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