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How do I tell her?

Neil wrote:

Hey hows it going? I'm Neil and I just recently fell in love with the girl of my dreams. I'm 17 years old but I have little dating experience.

Actually its more like none.

I've been a big sports jock all of my life and really never got into girls as much as others. But until recently I met this girl I work with and just was shocked at how much we have in common and etc...

My problem is telling her how much I like her. I'm a really shy guy
and dont know the right approach to "professing my love"

Please help!

Dear Neil,

I'll give you the same advice I'd give an outgoing, experienced guy.

Take it slow - why do you need to profess anything? Concentrate on being a good friend; once you have a real friendship, you'll be relaxed and it'll come naturally.

If it's an effort, then chances are it's too soon.

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