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Where'd the bonus go wrong?

Mary wrote:

My husband's been at his job for almost a year and gets a bonus
every 6 months.The last one was for 750.00 This one should be the same...

We were informed today that the hours worked were credited back to the comp because they were not happy with someone else that they sent. Not my husband...

They asked for him only, becouse they were happy with the work he does. but the company sent someone else and they were MAD..and found another company to work with with.

MY QUESTION IS Can they credit his hours back and not give him his bonus for hours worked.

Dear Mary

I'm afraid it all depends on the small print of the bonus; if he's done what was expected of him, fine; but the scheme may include what the company does, too.

Check the agreement and go to law if it's worth it - but, unless it's a Cowboy Company, chances are they are within their rights.

I'll bet he wishes he'd joined the union, now?

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