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Sexuality in doubt?

DeeDee wrote:

I have been wondering whether I am bi-sexual for about a year now!

I am female and am attracted to guys.

However, I have always fantasized about girls more than guys and the female body turns me on more than the guys!

I have never actually been attracted to a certain girl before though and I
am not too keen on the way lesbians have sex.

Am I bi? Please help!

Dear DeeDee

You may be ... then again you may not. It's not at all unusual for people to go through a phase of attraction to their own sex; it's not that unusual for it to become a sexual preference, for that matter.

In your case, you haven't really said enough for me to know any more than you, but I'm interested that you are "not too keen on the way lesbians have sex", which suggests it's perhaps more a crushy thing than a sexual attraction.

I think it would be worth your while to find out a little more about same-sex relationships, but either way, I think "help" is probably too strong a word; how about "I'm curious" ??

"Honest Advice"

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