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I'll never forget What's His Name?

Nina wrote:

I had a child 12 years ago. I know who the father is but as
stupid as it may sound I seem to have blocked his name out of my mind. How do I retrieve this information?

This is a legitimate question. Please help!!!

Dear Nina,

Don't panic!

By the time you read this, you'll probably have remembered.

If not, try these, in no special order:

  • Ask your Mum
  • Ask the woman who was your best pal then
  • Check all your documents; he's probably on the birth certificate or maybe a court order?
  • Go through diaries, address books, think who'd have known him
  • Check your tattoos
  • And love letters
  • Hospital or medical notes?
  • Go though the alphabet in you head, preferably with a photo in front of you
  • Why does it matter - does that give a clue?

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