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I liked this guy for 4 years now

Abigail wrote:

First of all...I liked this guy for 4 years now..I have Never felt like this in my whole life's unexplainable!!

I don't know if I'm REALLY in love or not...but he asked out a girl like...a month ago...but I don't see them talking to eachother anymore...I don't see them walking next to each other anymore .... Did they Break up?

Should I make my move? I'm REally a GOOD GOOD Friend to him...we're always looking at each other and stuff.....and some funny jokes too...I could NEVER Stop Thinking about him.. He's always in my dreams!

It's been going on ever since the 5th grade! I really want to make the RIGHT move..and to make him happy....Please give me an honest reply..?

Dear Abigail,

What are you waiting for? Go for it!

It may be more a crush than True Love - but you'll never know until you spend some time with him.

Just remember you've waited a long time, so there's no need to rush ... take your time and get the guy.

Good Luck!

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