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Jealous - or breaking up?

Leo wrote:

Well for the past few months me and my girlfriend have been fussing a whole lot. I'm just really jeolous, but I've gotten better over time.

Last week however, my girlfriend's first love told her that he had feelings for her and I know that she'll always have feelings for him, but it still hurts.

She told him that she loved me and that she wanted me and her to work out things and try to stay together. I know that she must love me. But I still worry. I have no need to not trust her because she is 18 and I'm
the first person that she has ever even kissed.

How can we get things back like they used to be? We need some fun back in our relationship. Please help me. I don't want to lose her.

Dear Leo

I won't get into the whys and wherefores of why the 'first love' is around, but I can see you are havong problems.

You make light of your jealousy - is that the problem? if not, what is? you don't say.

You say you don't want to lose her - but why not? What I'm saying is, stop looking at the negatives ..

  • I'm frightened of her first love being around
  • I don't want to lose her
  • Why can't things be like they were

No point - you cannot turn back the clock, it'll never be like it was. But it can be better. Start thinking positive. Ask yourself WHY you don't want to lose her and think:

  • What makes her happy?
  • What shall we do together?
  • How can I make this relationship better?

If you choose to play with the past, don't be surprised if it bites you.


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