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Love or Friends

Therese wrote:

Recently I met this guy who seems great, he has two kids and two foster children living in his home right now, plus I have two children myself, he seems like the perfect guy, he is totally into children which is important to me, we get along great, go out occasionally but he lives about 30 miles from me so we have made this a weekend thing.

The children get along great and we have hit it off pretty well, but I'm uncertain about my feelings for him. I feel like I want to be with him but his live seems too organised for me, I need some confusion in my life or I probably wouldnt know what to do.

We talk a lot about our friends, which neither one of us have met each others friends yet, but he feels all of my friends arent very good influences and that this would cause a problem later.

These are my best frinds though. Love or Friends?????

Dear Therese

It doesn't really sound like love comes into it, really. There seems ato be some friendship, some conveneience, maybe some security - but no love. Of course, I may be missing something?

He's also willing to write off your friends - and you seem tempted to let him - before he's even met them.

All very odd!

I'd suggest you get to meet eachothers friends as soon as possible; you'll learn about him by meeting his friends, as well as seeing what your friends make of him.

You might find there just isn't a problem!

"Honest Advice"

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