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He's been lying to me

Lorna wrote:

My boyfriend and I split seven months ago after two and a half years.

He said I deservered better, that he couldn't offer me the comittment that I needed and deserved, that he wanted to do his own thing and play his golf.

However, he never left me alon - he'd turn up and tell me how much he loved and missed me but that at the moment he still didn't feel he could try again with me.

It turns out though that all this time he's been lying to me and has been in two short lived relationships. He says he was never lying about loving me and wants to try again, but how can he say that he has always loved me when he's been with two other women? Is he still lying?

Can I trust him again?

Dear Lorna

You don't trust him, and I trust your judgement. He's used you before, he wants to use you again.

Your choice.

"Honest Advice"

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