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Can Money Men Threaten Me?

Orville wrote:

The other day I was on the phone, trying to get some answers to my attempt to refinance my house (which has at this time taken over three months).

The V/P gets on the phone and basically threatens me with Black Listing me with all his associates (those Mortgage Finance companies that he is affiliated with), because of hearing complaints from the staff at his mortgage company of my harrassing them (I am basically calling in too many times in his mind) and being rude.

I am just fustrated with the whole process and want some answers, I have over 60 grand in equity in my home and am trying to pull some (not all) of it to pay off credit cards and my leased vehicle.

This refinance has just been one heck of a night mare. My question to you is, is it legal for him to threaten me like that? And if he did follow through with his threat of black listing me, Is there any recourse?

Dear Orville,

I don't know the law where you live, but in most places, the folk with money can do pretty well as they like; you need them more than they need you.

I'm not saying that's right - but that's real. The trick is to pick a good company, and avoid the cowboys.

If he maliciously gets you on a black list, legally or illegally - all he has to do is misplace a few forms, lets face it - then I'm sure there's a way round it. But that will cost you yet more money.

It's not nice, but the first rule of starting a fight is "Don't start a fight you cannot win"

"Honest Advice"

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