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Am I getting bored with My Love?

Mike wrote:

Hi, I have a wondeful girlfriend that loves me so much I can feel her love to me all the time. We have been together for about seven months.

I love her, but sometimes I am afraid of getting bored with her, I mean maybe one day I get sick of this relation and break up with her, I don't want to do this at all, I love her but I am afraid of it.

Sometime I really feel like that, that I am getting bored and when she says I love you or when I say it, I feel it's not true, I don't know I am confused about it, does it mean that I don't love her anymore which I don't think so.

Or is it a normal feeling and just a temporary thing and will go soon? I had the same feeling a month ago but it was coz I had some problems and pressures.

Please let me know how can I refresh the love and make our relation work, I don't wanna lose my girl at all. I love her.

Dear Mike:

It may be one of those self-doubt things that really doesn't matter; no relationship is perfect, and you are, after all, only human

On the other hand, I suspect you really don't have much in the way of feelings for her at all.

Your letter is all about "me" not "us" and most definitely not "her".

Don't you think if you really cared, your boredom might make some of her thoughts or behaviour annoying? Doesn't it occur to you that the warmth of her love might arouse guilt about the fact you might be deceiving yourself - and her?

Nope; are you sure it's not your car you're talking about?

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