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Is my depression real?

Lara wrote:

I suffer from two weeks of anger, irritability and total sadness, two weeks of every month.

My depression really started after the birth of my baby three years ago. Her father died when I was two months pregnant. After the birth I turned into myself and (for a while) to alcohol.

Nothing helped. I've now met a wonderful man I plan to marry, but my depression just descends on me like clockwork. Is it PMS? Or am I just being difficult, as some people tell me?

I really don't want to be like this. It hurts me to hurt the feelings of those I love when I'm like this.

Dear Lara,

First, if it feels real, then it's real - how can anyone else say different?

Now, the nature of it; low mood, hormone related, reaction to your experience, or from deep within you, not only can outsiders be wrong, but you can too.

Of course you have feelings about the things that have happened, but that doesn't always mean that those feelings have caused your depressive feelings.

You need expert help - not so much to get over it, but to get to the bottom of it - you're making the effort, but if you understood more, that effort is more likely to be directed where it needs to be.

. The fact that you are depressed about your depression (if you see what I mean) and taking steps to move on, is a very good sign.

Take Courage, you'll get there.

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