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I wonder why he's jealous?

Nicola wrote:

I have been dating a guy for 1 year and 3 months.

I have never once cheated on him and I don't intend to. However, he is insecure and thinks that I want to be with someone else.

Just recently he has been pushing me away and claims that it is because of my friendship with another guy. (My best friend for 5 years), saying that he thinks we are more than friends.

I have talked to my friend about this and he is upset that I am getting hurt. (This is the first intimate relationship I have had).

I am confused about how to solve this problem. If you can help me please do. Thank you.

Dear Nicola

Not an easy situation to be in, and one that often has no solution.

What I suggest you do is to look again at the whole thing; what exactly do you want; what could you change (should you change anything?).

First, be quite honest, if you had an absolute choice, which guy do you want?

How have you had a 'best friend' for 5 years without sex being mentioned. Please, be honest.

What you must establish is do you actually want to maintain the long term relationship with your man - or the one with your friend. Sadly, in the real world, it is unlikely you can have both - especially as you've been talking to each about the other.

Make you mind up; then search here under jealousy and envy

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