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More than convenience?

Trixie wrote:

I'm just gonna cut straight to it.

I'm in love with my flatmate, and I don't know if he feels the same! We have been sleeping with each other, on and off, since the begining of october.

He says we shouldn't be doing it because he's my flatmate and my boss and it would cause problems at work. But everytime he says that we are not going to sleep with one another it happens the very next day.

I really would love a relationship with him. Our flatmates say the tention between us is unbearable, as we fight and bicker in a jokey way.

I need to know where I go with this? do I just go ahead and ask him if he wants me and him to make a go of it? or if I do that, do I risk losing our sex sessions for good?

Please help.

Dear Trixie

If you can't tell the difference between love and a bed, then you have a problem. Because from what you tell me, it's all about sex, not love.

So why dress it up?

He's getting cheap sex on tap, he's obviously happy to continue. You're still playing at winning him back when he pretends it's all wrong, so you don't feel cheap.

What exactly is the problem?

"Honest Advice"

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