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Can love heal my wounds?

Donna wrote:

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half. The relationship has been heaven - sent except that he cheated on me about three months into the relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

He had already fathered a daughter - this incident resulted in his second daughter.

The hardest part was that he kept this from me until she was born.

We've talked about it so many times and I truly believe he regrets his mistake.

I know we share a true connection, however, I can't help but to think about what he did.

I become overwhelmed with jealosy and pain, though I know that what happened will never change.

Is it possible to overcome such an obstacle with pure love?

Dear Donna,

There are those who say that love can do anything - I'm a little sceptical, and I believe it can make you believe anything.

He did deceive you with her, and he did deceive you over a long period - so don't feel guilty about not trusting him. If you do have a good thing between you, and he's really sorry, then you can be optimistic.

Love is important, but trust, truth and respect are more important - without them, love is self deceipt.

Be open with him about your feelings, but don't torture him or yourself.

And don't try to forget.

Let time and honesty take you forward

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