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Have I lost him?

Beth wrote:

I fancy this bloke - he's given me his phone number and we ended up snogging.

But when I said I would phone him I never did and now I dont know what to do. Do I phone him or realize I've lost a good boyfriend?

I can't talk to him at work because I have a boyfriend who beats me up and follows me everywhere and won't let me go out on my own.

Dear Beth,

Hello? Anybody in? Look at yourself! He'd be a "Good boyfriend" because you "Ended up snogging" even though you already have a boyfriend who "Beats Me Up".

I don't suggest for one moment that you enjoy being beaten up, or that you deserve it, or that he deserves anything other than a few years hard labour.

But it does occur to me that two-timing him just might upset him a little.

First, sort your head out.

Second, get rid of the bruiser. Get help, but get rid.

The other wanker? He's only after your body, is my guess.

Your body, your choice. I hope I'm wrong.

"Honest Advice"

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