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Is my sister my friend?

Dear Anon, writes Ally,

Me and my sister both liked a boy at church but we're both kind of shy. I was so afraid that he would like Emily better that I started writing to him.

Once I caught Emily reading our letters, I realized how much it hurt her. Looking back I can't remember thinking of her feeling at all but I know that every thing I did was wrong and it really feels bad.

Emily has a new friend now he's really nice and she really likes him but I would like to know how to remember to think before I act next time I panic I don't want to lose my sisters friendship it's irreplaceable.

Dear Ally,

Read what you wrote; I've not changed it. You've told me nothing you've done wrong.

And Your sister reads your private letters. And yet you've written to me.


Either you're scared of your sister, and feel guilty whenever you have more luck than she - not the kind of friendship I'd like.

Or you're still doing what you did to her; telling half a story and bending that a little too.

There's no short cut to friendship, just honesty and respect.

And honesty is more than just telling the truth, isn't it?

"Honest Advice"

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