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Is my boyfriend married?

Abigail writes:

How can I find out if my boyfriend is married or not.

He is not English he lives in another country.

Dear Abigail

Ask his mother.

Let's face it, even if he isn't, he might have three girlfriends and four children and a disease.

Either you trust him, or you don't


Karyn added:

I was involved for 4½ years with a man who I discovered had at least one other long term relationship going on (9 years!) To both of us he feigned faithfulness. Both of us were in touch with and introduced to his mother (a very bright, articulate, calm woman, member of book clubs...) who would always cover for him saying he was a busy bee always working.

She died a couple of years ago, otherwise I'd have given it to her too! No, even mothers are not to be trusted. I guess it was a sort of way of keeping him for herself.

Dear Karyn

Ouch! Awful business; at least Abigail was suspicious. In a way, with defences like that, if you trust someone, there's not much you can do ... there some selfish, evil people in the world.

Thanks for telling us ...

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