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This guy from school

Cassandra wrote:

I met this guy from school ... we went on a date and it went good and everything ... both pretty shy ... but we both like each other.

I guess he just has low self esteem ... I'm the kind of person that the guy should be the one to ask you out and bring all of that kind of stuff up and I know since he's so shy and probably fears rejection that he would never ask me and I cannot ... this is messed up now and doesn't make any sense but maybe you could give me some advice anyways. thanks,

p.s. I don't suppose you might be able to email him saying something like be assertive to a girl you have recently gone out with or something like that could you?

well if you could anyways his address is ... but don't say my name [edited].

Dear Cassandra:

Get a grip, willya? First, this is the 21st Century, and it really is not good enough to blame it all on his self esteem - when you admit you're the same.

And you know it, or you wouldn't have told me what 'kind of person' you are.

Look at it this way, we're not talking about marriage, we're talking about another date. Hey, not even that - we're talking about "doing something together".

It won't happen unless one of you asks. Might as well be you?

And don't even think about getting someone else to 'help' - what will that do for his self esteem? Be brave!

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