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I can't let my first love go

Francine wrote:

I'm only sixteen and I know that I don't know EVERYTHING yet, but I have been through more than people think and I am positive that this was (and still is) love.

I was never happy except for when I was with him, and I only wanted to be with him. He had strong feelings for me as well.

Then one day, the girl (my best friend) who had liked him for a long time decided it was time for them to hook up, and he went along with it and has now been dating her for about a month.

No matter what I tell myself, I can't stop loving him. I feel disloyal to my friend, and I keep thinking that I'm too ugly or too stupid to keep a guy.

Please help me; I don't know how I should handle this situation.

Dear Francine,

Chances are, you never will get over him, few of us ever get over our first love completely. But carry him in your heart, not your head.

Life DOES go on, you'll have many more chances to prove how stupid you can be - believe me, I'm speaking from experience. Mine and everyone's.

Don't handle the situation; lock it up inside and live again.

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