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Love across two faiths

Grace asked:

He and I are both acting majors, but different years. I smoke and occasionally drink; he is Super Evangelical Christian. But we both get along very well and he's not preachy.

I am considering trying to pursue a more than platonic relationship. But I'm scared that he doesn't like me that way and that my religion (I'm Catholic) will be a source of conflict if he does.

Your thoughts?

Dear Grace,

Might be impossible, might not be a problem at all. What IS a problem is that you do not know if he's interested.

Find out; just develop the friendship and see where it goes. Once you're close enough to know that he does (you see - I believe in you!), then, er, ask him about the religion thing.

Even if it matters now, it might not by then.

"Honest Advice"

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