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Am I too innocent?

Harriet wrote:

This must sound soooo stupid but I'm 15 and never kissed a guy yet ... I have been asked out heaps of times but I really don't like the guys that ask me out to go out with them, so have never actually had practice since I always knock them back, it's not that I'm scared, just not interested in them.

I would like to know is it common for a 15 year old to have not pashed a guy yet? It seems as though I'll never get my chance, am I too picky?

thanx for any help.

Dear Harriet

If I take you exactly at your word ... no worries. You are, as they say, young yet. So why do I think there's more?

If you are concerned (and no reason why you need be) then choose the guy yourself - don't wait for him, for two reasons; first, he's probably frightened, second, if you say no to all, he might not want to join the 'Rejects Club'.

If you do use your initiative, I'll leave you to decide how pushy you should be, or how much to make him think he made the first move.

Whatever you do, remember that many your age who have kissed a guy, wish they haven't; so if you are really not interested, that's fine - just don't humiliate the guys; you just might live to regret it later!

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