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In love with an imaginary "him"

January writes:

Hi! I am in love with a "him" that exists ONLY in my imagination. Sometimes I even LIKE to think that I'm him (or he's me?!).

Am I going nuts, or have I gone allready?

Thank you for your patience,

Dear January,

You just might be in need of help, but only if this "affair" is disrupting your life. More likely it's just a harmless fantasy, perhaps one that helps you avoid your real needs and desires.

Go over it all in your head - or on paper, or in front of a mirror; if you are quite clear where the line is between fact and fantasy, and you are not getting odd looks wherever you go, chances are there's no major problem.

f things are not clear - or you still don't feel 'right', then you should seek professional advice.

But I repeat, it's pretty unlikely.

"Honest Advice"

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