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I'm Ready. I think.

Lori wrote:

I've been seeing a man for just about three years. I'm in love with him, he's in love with me. I'm ready to live together.

I honestly don't think he is ready to take that step and maybe never will. What do I do? Give it time? He's very controlling about where I am, what I'm doing etc.

I feel that if we're not living together, then I'm getting on with my life. See what you can do. Thanks.

Dear Lori,

Have you ever stood on a railway station and wondered if you missed the train? That's where you are now. And I suspect you have.

Are you really in love? Is he? If he's so controlling, do you really want to live with him, making it easier for him to control you?

You obviously have no expectation of marriage. You should know, but my guess is that you were in love, one or other of you didn't realise at the time.

And now it's gone.

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