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Scared of losing this jerk

Raisa wrote:

I have been going out with this lad just over a month and we really only see each other at school. He has asked me today to go there today but I was grounded and he asked me to go to his house for tea tomorrow but my parents don't know him much so they dont want me to go until they get to know him.

But I told him I was going so I dont know what im going to say to him tomorrow! What should I say to him? My friend told him I couldn't make it and he said "f**kin hell I'm sick of this she is gonna get a surprise tomorrow"

So he is gonna dump me tomorrow but I dont want that to happen as I really love him and it would really upset me! What am I gonna do? Please help and give me some advice.

Dear Raisa,

Well, for a start, do stop whining, will ya!

First, if you've been honest with him (and your parents) you wouldn't be in this mess. Second, do you REALLY love some tosspot who makes threats through your friends?

How pathetic are you?

(Please don't tell me).

If you really care about this jerk, just be honest with him, and watch his face. You'll soon know if he's worth all this fuss.

That's the surprise. Realising he's just a boring kid who's using you. Unless of course, he's just great, and your 'friend' is lying to you ...

"Honest Advice"

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